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Seabulk Towing is dedicated to providing its customers with safety and service excellence in its operations along the Gulf Coast and Southeastern Seaboard.

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Operating a modern fleet of tractor tugs and conventional tugs along the Gulf Coast, and the Southeastern Seaboard, Seabulk Towing offers the experience and flexibility necessary to meet requirements of the most demanding projects.

  • Ship assists for docking and undocking operations.
  • Coastal, offshore towage services. Seabulk Towing’s service operations go beyond harbor services to include towage services in the Caribbean, U.S. East Coast and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Global repositioning. Seabulk Towing offers relocation services for inactive vessels and towing of disabled vessels to repair facilities and scrap yards worldwide.
  • International and domestic salvage support. Seabulk Towing’s ABS-certified ocean-going tugboats can provide international barge and equipment towage, rescue for grounded vessels personnel transport and anchor handling services.
  • Military operations. Many of Seabulk Towing’s tugboats are specially designed to handle particular requirements of naval vessels including powerful, low-silhouette tugs to manage the largest aircraft carrier and tugs equipped with submarine-fenders to meet the special requirements of submarines. Seabulk Towing meets the highest code of corporate ethics, as outlined by formal policies originally established in agreement with the U.S. Department of Navy.
  • Oil platform towage. Seabulk Towing has experience in repositioning operations for oil rigs and platforms of all sizes.

For more information about Seabulk Towing services, please contact a Seabulk Towing representative.

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