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SDM™ Technology

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Seabulk Towing is dedicated to providing its customers with safety and service excellence in its operations along the Gulf Coast and Southeastern Seaboard.

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The Revolutionary Ship Docking Module (SDM™)

Respected shipping companies and pilot organizations have requested the services of Seabulk Towing’s SDM™ fleet (New River, St. Johns, Escambia, Mobile Point, and Suwannee River) to dock thousands of commercial ships in Mobile Bay, Tampa Bay, and Port Everglades, Florida because of their powerful performance and ability to maneuver ultra-large commercial ships within narrow channels and environmentally sensitive waterways.


Innovative tractor tug technology took a giant leap forward when Seabulk Towing, Inc. introduced the Ship Docking Module (SDM). Developed with customers’ needs in mind, and with assistance from the Elliott Bay Design Group, the SDM™ is powered by twin Z-drives mounted fore and aft and together generating 4,200 horsepower. The unique design of this 90-foot tug can produce 100% of its ABS-certified bollard pull of 120,000 lbs. in any direction. Specifically built for ship-assist work in confined areas, each SDM™ is fully equipped to move vessels in and out of the harbor safely and in the most time and cost-efficient manner.


Seabulk Towing is proud to offer fellow tugboat operators an opportunity to bring the SDM™ technology to their fleets. Seabulk Towing is now patent-licensing these modern marvels to the tugboat industry. To discover how your organization can employ the most advanced tractor tug technology in the world, contact Dan Thorogood via email at dthorogood@ckor.com.


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