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Contact Us

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Seabulk Towing is dedicated to providing its customers with safety and service excellence in its operations along the Gulf Coast and Southeastern Seaboard.

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Seabulk Towing
Marketing Department
Contact: Bill Osmer
  Chief Commercial Officer
Office: 954 523 2200
Direct: 954 627 5260
Email: wosmer@ckor.com
Contact: Jeffrey A. Williams
  Vice President of Business Development
Direct: 409 963 6184
Email: jwilliams@ckor.com
Contact: Tony Caggiano
  Senior Marketing Manager
Direct: 954 627 5263
Email: tony.caggiano@ckor.com
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Seabulk Towing
Port Everglades
Contact: Ron Bitter
  Operations Manager
Mailing: P.O. Box 13038
  Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
Physical 2200 Eller Drive
  Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
Office: 954 627 5314
Email: rbitter@ckor.com
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Seabulk Towing
Mobile Bay
Contact: Chris Pittman
  Operations Manager
Mailing: P.O. Box 1644
  Mobile, AL 36633
Physical No. 2 South Water Street
Fourth Floor
  Mobile, AL 36602
Office: 251 432 2611
Email: cpittman@ckor.com
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Seabulk Towing
Lake Charles
Contact: Aaron Andrus
  Operations Manager
Mailing: P.O. Box 915
  Lake Charles, LA 70602
Physical 8146 Big Lake Road, Suite B
  Lake Charles, LA 70605
Office: 337 439 8982
Email: aandrus@ckor.com
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Seabulk Towing
Tampa Bay/Manatee
Contact: Dwayne Wheeler
  Operations Manager
Mailing & 1305 Shoreline Drive
Physical: Tampa, FL 33605
Office: 813 248 1123
Toll-free: 800 516 6203
Email: dwheeler@ckor.com
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Seabulk Towing
Port Arthur
Contact: Buddy Hicks
  Operations Manager
Mailing: P.O. Box 905
  Groves, TX 77619
Physical 7200 Highway 87
  Port Arthur, TX 77642
Office: 409 962 0201
Toll-free: 800 324 3629
Email: bhicks@ckor.com
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Seabulk Towing
Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama Ports

Contact: Mike Thomas
Director of Operations
Office: 409 962 0201
Email: mthomas@ckor.com

Seabulk Towing
Florida Ports and Offshore Towing

Contact: Frantz Dunel
International Operations and Offshore Towing
Office: 954 627 5290
Email: fdunel@ckor.com
Employment inquiries: Please visit Careers for a list of current openings.
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